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Vibration plate

Brand Wuxi Wing stroke type YDC-100-4 type electromagnetic vibration testing machine
Maximum load 100 (KG) Vibration direction Vertical + Horizontal table size 500 * 500 (mm)
(KW) Frequency range According to customer requirements (Hz) Amplitude according to customer requirements (mm)
Dimensions according to customer requirements (mm) Power supply voltage according to customer requirements (V / HZ) processing customization is


It is suitable for low-frequency vibration test of the samples in the industries such as electronic components, battery components, cable assemblies, electromechanical products, auto parts, instruments and meters, electronic toys, medicine and food packaging. Such as quality identification test, reliability test, durability test, vibration modal analysis, material properties test, fatigue test, vibration control improvement. Simulation of the product in the manufacturing, assembly, transportation and use of the process of vibration suffered by the environment in order to assess the structure of the vibration resistance, reliability and integrity.
1 maximum test load (T): 1T
2 Frequency range (0.01Hz): 1Hz ~ 600Hz
3 amplitude (adjustable range mmp-p): 0 ~ 5mm
4 Maximum acceleration: 20g (can be added)
5 Vibration direction: vertical
6 FM function: 1-600HZ within any frequency
7 Sweep: 1-600HZ can be set arbitrarily, the real standard sweep back and forth
8 Programmable functions: 1--600HZ, 1--15 (second cycle) Each section can be set for each frequency and time, can be recycled
9 multiplication function (0.1HZ): 15 steps (second cycle) increase in multiples Low to high frequency, high to low frequency ƒ low to high to low frequency can be recycled
10 Logarithmic functions: ① down to the upper frequency ② up to the next frequency ③ to the next to the next frequency - three kinds of patterns Logarithm / can be recycled
11 Vibration waveform: sine wave (half wave / full wave)
12 time control: any time can be set (in seconds)
13 Precision: frequency can be displayed to 0.1Hz, precision 0.1Hz
14 Power: 2.2Kw
Table size (mm): 500 * 500
16 Body size L * H * W: 50 * 45 * 50 (CM)
17 Power supply voltage (V): 220V
18 Acceleration can not be measured

Realize the function: Sine wave, frequency modulation, sweep frequency, programmable frequency, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control, full-function control, simple fixed acceleration, fixed vibration amplitude, to see amplitude and acceleration Vibrator.

Product main configuration list:
(1) 1 control cabinet, the frequency changer uses Taiwan to reach the well-known brand
(2) a table, table description:
1. Taiwan body: standard table area of 500 * 500MM
2. Countertop material: 8MM steel plate
3. Countertop function: the table evenly distributed 25 screw holes, according to customer requirements processing. Each side has 10 × 70mm long slot for easy fixation
4. Countertop fixed: pedestal with 20 ~ 30mm thick steel made of steel. Sturdy and stable, and equipped with four rubber feet, can be easily installed in any lock on the ground