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Conduction test
Custom processing is the brand Huayuan instrument model HY-8689HV
Measuring range resistance, insulation, conduction, high-voltage measurement accuracy of 0.1% AC220V (V)
Size 420X350X200 (mm) Weight 10 (kg) Use Wire testing
HY-8689HV technical specifications and parameters

product description:

Test voltage: DC 200 ~ 1000VDC AC 100 ~ 700VAC
Number of test points: 128 points (PIN) / 256 points (8689HVC2);
Short circuit judgment: 2KΩ-50KΩ;
Measurement speed: 512 points / second;
Test method: manual, automatic, continuous;
Storage management: 512KB, can store up to 56 sets of configuration files;
Resistance measurement: 0.1 ~ 10MΩ;
Diode measurement: 0.0V-7.0V;
Instantaneous short circuit test: 2KΩ ~ 50KΩ;
Instantaneous continuity test: 0.1Ω ~ 50Ω;
On-resistance test: 0.1 ~ 50Ω (accurate value of 0.01Ω)
Insulation resistance test: 1MΩ ~ 1000MΩ
High-voltage AC leakage current: 0.1mA ~ 5mA
System with automatic scanning and automatic point search function
Provide advanced short circuit, open circuit, dislocation conduction impedance, high voltage insulation and instantaneous short circuit test
Provide unilateral, standard, multi-segment and point measurement function
The system provides statistical and printing functions, and provides statistical analysis of the defective product
With remote control and RS232 communication interface
The system provides file storage and management functions;
To provide 320 * 240 full Chinese / English graphic large-screen LCD display;