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Conduction test
Custom processing is the brand Yi Hing Model 1
Measuring range 2 Measuring accuracy 1 Supply voltage 220 (V)
Size 120 * 200 * 300 (mm) Weight 10 (kg) Use 1
YX-64P multi-function wire testing machine
Product Features:
1. User-friendly Chinese interface, simple, easy to learn.
2. Provide loop test, multi-stage test, sequential test and other test methods
3. The system can provide up to 128PIN test points
4. Can test short circuit. Open circuit, reverse line error, continuity, insulation, short circuit, open circuit.
5. To provide good or bad product tone is different, the volume can be mobilized.
6. Can test the circuit or multi-stage test In addition to the general short, open circuit test, and to provide the connection wire itself on resistance, insulation resistance, and can accurately determine the end of the road related to the situation, in addition to single-ended test, (Spot test) way to test single-wire
7. Multi-function wire testing machine used to read the line (learning) method of connecting the standard wire, the test read using the standard information compared to the method of testing, the test results can be displayed on the LCD.