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Work custom is the brand KQTEST model KQ
Operating mode Continuous Applicable materials A variety of applications Field of industrial oven is widely used in baking chemical gases baking goods, substrate stress removal, ink curing, drying the paint film.
Heat transfer area size (m2) Power 2-10 (kw) Dimensions can be non-calibration to do (m) Features
1. The material for the thermal deformation of the small SUS mirror stainless steel, external material for the SECC electrostatic powder coating baking treatment, elegant appearance.
2. Insulation material: high-density fiber cotton, good insulation, the maximum guarantee of temperature insulation.
3. The tight material for the anti-dense high-temperature silicone for a long time to withstand high temperature without deformation cracking
4. Heating material: for the cellular anti-corrosion acid stainless steel heaters, pollution-free and can not afford to dust and long life
5. Temperature control for PID microcomputer automatic calculation of intelligent temperature control table, PV / SV also displayed. (Optional touch screen programmable control table)
6. Temperature into the force CA (K) TYPE temperature sensing head, the output is 12V
7. Timers: electronic digital display 0 ~ 9999 (S. M. H can switch) temperature to the time, time to cut off the power supply, alarm sound and light warning to ensure the correct working hours.
8. Built-in forced air circulation
9. Import high temperature long axis motor, turbo fan.
10. Current controller for the use of imported SCR solid state relays (SSR) no contact no spark phenomenon, safety and maintain high current stability, through the thermostat signal automatically adjusts the output ratio.
11 ultra-high temperature protection: When the temperature rise within the box, automatically cut off the machine power.
12. Motor overheating protection: to prevent motor overheating caused by motor damage.
13. Phase sequence protection: to prevent power phase and phase sequence error, to ensure motor safety.