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Spot welding

Brand Baolong spot welding Model MB20 maximum welding thickness 0.08-0.3 (mm)
Current AC power in the form of high-frequency control foot pedal
Frequency band High frequency driving form Pneumatic style Others
Purpose of the role of welding action pulse object nickel plate

Model: MB-20
Power: 7 kVA
Welding machine voltage: 110 volts / 220 volts
High-power welding circuit and control circuit, are set up two different types of protection circuit to prevent external high voltage and power fluctuations on the welding machine interference to protect the bad power grid, the welding machine will not be damaged and can be normal Work, together with the rocker-type double-balanced welding head, the two welds during the welding pressure is relatively average, so as to ensure the solidity of each spot and reduce the "welding fire" phenomenon.
Pneumatic operation:
Pneumatic with microcomputer for "composite" type of pressure control, this impeachment rate of production can be fully improved.
For different types of batteries and take a piece of welding, including nickel, nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion batteries, take a piece of pure nickel, nickel and aluminum and so on.
Flow production line use:
Seat design of a single pneumatic operation, with a quick connector to replace the ordinary plug with the operating position, in line with the production line of frequent transfer.
Rapid fault repair system:
Master control circuit and welding circuit using box-type plug design, failure to pull out the control box or replace the circuit board, you can immediately resume production, general maintenance personnel can be repaired.