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Spot welding

Brand HXF Model 0001 Current AC
The role of the principle of metal welding butt welding form of electric drive
Product alias welding machine uses the principle of seam welding pulse
Motor power 200W
Product Specifications: 300 * 215 * 140mm Weight: 5738g

Welding ring machine welding machine instructions
Weld ring machine can be used for platinum, gold, K gold, silver steel fast welding, ring mouth, melon seeds buckle, thin wire of the confidential welding. Can be connected to argon protection, direct welding without
Solder powder, solder joints smooth, not black.
one. Installation and commissioning
A. Electrode clamped output negative pole, the electrode is seated output positive pole.
B. Argon by argon valve, and then in the argon gas transmission
C. Tungsten needle can be sharpened in the sand machine, the use of cutting-edge discharge source management. Inlet, argon relief valve to the most gas (argon protection models apply)
D. Tungsten needle out of the installation head around 5MM, tungsten needle diameter 0.1mm
two. Steps
1. Turn on the power and turn the power switch on.
2. Adjust the power knob, general (coarse) adjustment scale is 1 ~ 1.5 (fine adjustment) adjust the scale value of 7 ~ 8 (according to the work requirements can be adjusted scale value).
3. Work with the tweezers, the workpiece interface aligned tungsten needle (the best distance of 0.5mm), the workpiece can not tungsten needle contacts.
4. With the foot on the foot switch (feet away), spot welding is complete.
three. Precautions
1. Foot can not be a long time stepping on the foot switch, step on the move immediately, if a long time stepping on the foot switch, the machine is in a short circuit state, will burn the internal circuit.
2. Please carefully use this machine as precision equipment.
3. Flash damage to the eyes, please use protective measures.
4. When depressing the footswitch, do not touch the metal part of the tungsten needle and tweezers at the same time, otherwise there will be a sense of acupuncture.
5. Non-professionals, please do not repair, there are high pressure