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Hot pressing machine
No custom processing type pulse hot pressing machine brand Jiang Xiang
Model JXC9388S Power supply voltage 220 (V) Alias pulse hot soldering machine
Use Welding power 2200 (W) Working pressure 0.3-0.4 (Mpa)
Hot pressing time 1.0-4.0 (s) thermocouple type K Dimensions 700X350X280 (mm)
Weight 45 (kg) specifications hot bar pressing machine
First, the functional characteristics:
1, the welding process: HB from the initial value of the lower preheat height, waiting for the completion of preheating time, HB welding height to reach a certain time after the HB solder back to a high degree of continuous welding, welding time to begin cooling, cooling temperature to HB rises back to the stop position.
2, the heating process: preheat climbing, preheating constant, welding climb, welding thermostat, cooling cooling.
Second, the parameters:
1, Preheating temperature: 0-250 ° adjustable Welding temperature: 0-450 ° Adjustable temperature accuracy: +/- 2 ° C
2, preheating Climb time: 0.0-3.0S Preheat temperature time: 0.0-3.0 Soldering climb time: 0.0-3.0S Welding constant temperature time: 0.0-9.9S Cooling time: 0.0-9.9S
3, Power supply voltage: 220V Rated power: 2200W Thermocouple: K-type thermal head accuracy: +/- 0.01mm Welding head stroke: 0.1-25mm
Third, the application:
FPC hot-pressing welding, FFC hot-pressing welding, LCD hot-pressing welding, PCB hot-pressing welding, USB3.0 welding, USB3.1 TYPE C hot-pressing welding, HDMI hot-pressing welding, DP hot pressing welding, Thin coaxial welding and other high-precision welding products.