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Vacuum pressing machine
Processing is the type of custom plastic welding machine brand easy to license
Model BYX-RB1600 Power supply voltage 220 (V) Power 1600 (W)
Scope Plastic hardware embedded screw, multi-point plastic welding, speaker mesh welding, special plastic bag welding and trimming

1, the product is a saddle-type structure, the work around the open no shelter,

Thereby facilitating the operation and disassembly of the plastic parts.

2, the machine uses a small heating surface and small work surface design, body light,

Handling installation is very convenient. Particularly suitable for small pieces of plastic and multi-point at the same time Maohan.

3, the use of active mode-locked design, easy to replace the mold, an increase of horizontal plate,

Adjustable level on the mold, and better ensure the quality of plastic pieces of welding.

4, the choice of imported adjustable stroke buffer cylinder, electrostatic spraying rack electric box,

The rest of the exposed parts are chrome-plated, the main electrical components (thermostat, time following

Electrical appliances, counters) are used factory products. Therefore, the appearance of the machine, by

Durable, reliable quality

5.The guide pillar adopts the extended linear bearing design to ensure the mechanical movement is smoother and the precision is higher.

6. Plastic pressure point welding (professional point of riveting), especially in the metal sheet and plastic riveting point welding, the product will not rebound,
No need to manually press the product, increase operating safety.

Especially for screws, nuts and other metal parts of the hot-melt, buried. Widely used in digital camera memory card, speaker nets,

MP3, computer built-in pieces, Bluetooth, mobile phone shell fixed copper nut welding