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Vacuum pressing machine

Customization is the type of vacuum pressing machine brand excellent rice good
Model Synthesize-BXS-100 Power supply voltage 220 (V) Alias portable laminating machine
Use mobile phone screen paste repair power 1000 (W) working pressure 0.15 (Mpa)
Hot pressing time 16 (s) Outside dimension 270 * 450 * 480 (mm) Weight 38kg (kg)
Portable LCD touch laminator with the following features:
First, the vacuum-free lamination, vacuum environment will not have gas, paste will not produce the slightest bubble, eliminating the bubble in addition to the paste after the trouble.
Second, the heating soft mold lamination, so that a more evenly balanced between the perfect, does not appear crack screen explosion phenomenon.
Third, the mold positioning paste, more accurate and efficient, positioning rate of 99%, the market so-called mold-free fit greatly reduces the accuracy.
4, LCD touch, the use of PLC system, temperature, pressure, time, automatic control, can be 24-hour uninterrupted work.
Fifth, simple operation, operation cycle control in less than 40 seconds, the time is short, high yield.

The device can support up to 6.3 inches large screen, without any brand model restrictions. The equipment is equivalent to let you also have a vacuum laminating machine, laminating machine, in addition to bubble machine, you do not need to buy redundant equipment, no need to operate the extra steps. Customers say that the use of the device is effective, high efficiency, back to the fast, high returns.