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FPC welding special pulse hot pressing machine
Custom processing is the type of pulse pressing machine brand Guangzhou blue can
Model LNR-02L Power supply voltage 220 (V) Alias FPC welding Harbors
Uses FPC circuit board automatic welding power 4000 (W) working pressure 0.2 (Mpa)
Hot pressing time 3 (s) Thermocouple type K, E Weight 20 (kg)
Specifications 435 * 185 * 320
1, pulsed power supply heating method is the use of pulsed current flow through molybdenum, titanium and other high-resistance materials generated when the Joule heat to heat welding. Generally in the heating nozzle connected to the front of the hot dual, the resulting power from the real-time feedback back to the control power supply to ensure the accuracy of the set temperature.
2, the pulse current heating device is an instant heating method, only need to melt the solder when the heating power.
3, the metal has a current through the nozzle when the heat after melting solder. After the solder melts, the power supply is stopped, and the cooling is performed. And the solder is solidified in a pressurized state until a solder joint with high reliability can be obtained.

FPC welding special pulse hot pressing machine advantages:
1, machine work, can improve the welding efficiency, reduce the half of the welding operator;
2, the welding consistency is good;
3, no short circuit, solder joint phenomenon, no floating welding

FPC welding special pulse hot pressing machine features:
1, the use of advanced control section temperature control system, can be set flexibly each paragraph heating state. The temperature, time and other parameters can be controlled with high accuracy.
2, the temperature rapidly stable, local instantaneous heating method can well inhibit the thermal effects on the surrounding components.
3, pressurized heating and power cooling at the same time, to prevent the Department of floating, Weld. The most suitable for flexible materials, wire thermal bonding, soldering and resin bonding.
4, shows the temperature of each stage.
5, thermocouple closed loop feedback control to improve the temperature accuracy, temperature control accuracy of about 3%.
6, the welding pressure, welding time, welding temperature can be precisely adjusted.
7, 20 sets of welding parameters can be stored when the product is very convenient to replace.
8, a number of solder joints completed, high efficiency, consistency, and welding strength, beautiful solder joints, simple operation.
9,10 million times the life of the welding head for your customers to create value.
Particularly suitable for FPC TO PCB / HSC (zebra paper) TO FPC (flexible circuit board) / HSC TO LCD / TAB TO PCB Zebra TAB and other products of the welding.

Application Example of FPC Hot - pressing Machine for Welding
1, LCD, PDP, mobile phones and other electronic products within the flexible circuit board of the thermal pressure, solder, and so on.
2, HDD, coil, capacitors, motors, sensors and other enameled wire soldering.
3, computers and other communications equipment within the cable, solder connection solder joints.
4, digital cameras, mobile phones, such as CMOS, CCD and FPC board solder welding.
5, relays, printers, small cameras, such as the combination of hot-pressing resin.
6, the microwave device within the gold line hot-pressing.
7, the laser head to connect FPC solder welding

The principle of LNR FPC hot press machine
LNR series inverter DC hot welding power is the use of IGBT inverter technology, computer control technology and modern power electronic technology development of new power supply. The principle of the device shown in Figure 1. DC output (Figure 2) to significantly improve the welding process; inverter technology also allows the device has a small, medium and low power consumption, the use of high- (MCU) and the use of electronic technology to make the device with the excellent features of modern equipment, including digital control, monitoring, fault diagnosis and protection, data transmission, equipment, functional, flexible and convenient, Adapt to a wide range. Such equipment is particularly suitable for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal materials, spot welding, alloy materials, spot welding, precision parts spot welding and high-quality products, spot welding.

LNR-02L Inverter FPC hot press features:
1, DC output. Welding current for the pulsating DC (and the waviness of small), no AC zero continuous heating of the shortcomings of the workpiece, heat concentration, improve the thermal efficiency of welding, welding of non-ferrous materials and some difficult welding materials particularly suitable for welding process stability, welding Quality significantly improved. At the same time, the electrode life is extended.
2, by the microcontroller (MCU) control, with temperature monitoring.
3, inverter bridge using soft-switching technology to reduce switching losses and reduce electromagnetic interference.
4, with temperature anomalies, monitoring the value of overrun, network pressure overrun, overheating and other fault diagnosis and alarm.
5, inverter bridge current abnormal automatic shutdown, and enhance system protection.
6, two heating settings, with the temperature slowed down function, a wide range of time settings (0-250ms), for complex welding process needs.
7,20 group parameters stored, easy to use a variety of welding varieties.
8,240x128 LCD display, display a variety of content at the same time.
9, the strong external communication functions: the end of welding, fault, counting signal, RS-232 data communication port, easy to use automatic welding.
10, data storage using EEPROM, no battery life issues.
11, fast response. As a result of a higher inverter frequency (4kHz), power-on time control period of 0.25ms, 20 times than the usual AC welding machine 80 times, control accuracy improved significantly. Compared with the capacitor energy storage welder, no need to charge and discharge, controllability was enhanced, especially for precision parts of the welding and high-quality, high-precision, high-speed welding.
12, the use of advanced temperature control system segment can be set flexibly each section of the heating state of the temperature, time and other parameters can be controlled with high precision.
13, the temperature quickly stable, local instantaneous heating method can well inhibit the thermal impact of the surrounding components.
14, shows the temperature of each stage.
15, thermocouple closed-loop on-line feedback control to improve the accuracy of temperature control.

Our advantage:

1, I have the Secretary for domestic enterprises do not have the welding technology;
Dr. Cao is the first doctor of pressure welding (resistance welding). He is currently a doctoral supervisor and professor of South China University of Technology and deputy director of Academic Committee of Pressure Welding. Dr. Cao has over 30 years of pressure welding research, materials and welding technology has a very deep understanding, is entirely possible to help you find the best welding solutions;
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2, large-scale enterprises, is the largest high-frequency inverter pulse hot-pressing machine manufacturers. Have their own production plants and research and development room.

3, after-sales service is good, the company has nearly 20 R & D and process engineers, the service can make timely treatment. Our aim is not only to provide first-class equipment, but also need to provide first-class technical support and rapid response after-sales service.

4, Division I in July 2012 was rated as high-tech enterprises. Strong technical research and development company.