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  • Withstand voltage tester (Model ZHZ8A)Shanghai brand safety standards
    Model ZHZ8A
    Measuring range 5K (V)
    Input voltage 200 (V)
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  • Withstand voltage tester (Model AN9632M)AN9632M insulation withstand voltage tester with AC voltage output 5000VAC / 200mA (duration of 30 minutes), insulation resistance measurement range of 1 ~ 2000MΩ, and can quickly and accurately complete.View more
  • Withstand voltage tester (Model HIOKI 3159)In the automatic mode, any continuous measurement of insulation withstand voltage and withstand voltage insulation can be performed.View more
  • Withstand voltage tester (Model RZJ-5ES, 6ES)Dielectric strength Power input on the rack can withstand 50Hz / 1500VAC-minute test, no arcing, breakdown phenomenon.View more
  • Withstand voltage tester (Model TOS5302)The "TOS5300 Series" is a test instrument for withstand voltage test and insulation resistance test in four tests for the safety of electrical products. View more
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  • Withstand voltage testerView more