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  • Forming MachineView more
  • Forming MachineView more
  • Wave soldering Drive the form automatically, current exchange, preheat zone length 1800 (mm), tin furnace temperature 300 (℃) View more
  • Wave soldering Heating system uses high-precision, integrated imported brand-name temperature control closed-loop PID regulator. Accurate temperature control, high reliability.View more
  • Wave soldering Uses Lead-free wave soldering, name of lead-free dual-wave soldering machine, origin of domestic wave machineView more
  • Wave solderingBrand multi-disciplinary, type DK-350, use plug-in welding.View more
  • Wave solderingSolder stove is made of alloy material. High strength and high hardness, specially made aluminum alloy guideway, long service life.View more
  • Wave solderingAutomatic manual and automatic, chip speed of 0.15 (tablets / hour),resolution 0.03 (mm)View more