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  • Peeling machineApplicable industry wire and cable, sheathed wire, shielded wire, audio cable, video cable, USP line, data lines, telephone lines, etc.View more
  • Peeling machineCutting tolerance: ± (0.002xL) Display: LCD Chinese LCD display Stripping speed: 3000-8000 root / hour Storage: 100 kinds of programs can be storedView more
  • Peeling machineLong warranty (except for vulnerable parts), ultra-quiet, compact body to improve work efficiency, AWG # 16-28 wire can be used.View more
  • Peeling machinePower 300 (W) Dimension 640 * 350 * 290 (mm) Weight 25 (kg) Specifications computer peelingView more
  • Peeling machineView more
  • Peeling machineView more