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  • Soldering machineAutomatic soldering machine, developed independently by our company, with advanced mechanism, high comfort, high output and stable performance. View more
  • Soldering machineAutomatic soldering machine can be free to match, automatic device system integration work, can lead a wide range of high stability.View more
  • Soldering machineElectronic products: mechanical parts, printed boards, small switches, capacitors, variable resistors, crystal oscillator, LCD, heads, relays, connectors, engines, transformers.View more
  • Soldering machine perfect solder technology settings, with the spot welding / pull welding function, each instruction has an independent preheat the length of the tin, warm-up time, welding time, back to tin time, elevation and other solder parameters.View more
  • Soldering machineMulti-axis linkage mechanical, all using precision stepper motor drive and advanced motion control algorithms, effectively enhance the movement of the end (tip) positioning accuracy and repeatabilityView more
  • Soldering machineFor tin wire range: 0.6mm-1.2mm Tin wire parameters: optional Temperature setting range: room temperature -450 degrees Tin wire to send tin position: can be debugged.View more
  • Soldering machine Type of automatic welding Model USB-A Type soldering machine Specifications 1.14 * 0.54 * 1.8mView more
  • Soldering machineCan completely replace the solder workers. Sail and flight USB automatic soldering machine single machine can be welded 800-1200pcs products per hour, the company can save 3-4 solder workers.View more