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  • Salt Spray Test MachineModel ZH-SH-60 Material imported PVC Temperature range RT +10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ (℃) Measuring range RT +10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃View more
  • Salt Spray Test MachineMeasurement object Coatings, electroplating, inorganic and organic coatings, cathodic treatment of anti-rust oil and other anti-corrosion treatmentView more
  • Salt spray test machineNozzle: Precise quartz glass nozzle. Ensure that the use of 4000 hours without crystallization. Spray tower with cone-shaped dispersion, with a guided fog, adjust the amount of fog, and even down the fog and other functions.View more
  • Salt spray test machineWith automatic / manual water system, the water level is insufficient to automatically add water level function, the test is not interrupted.View more
  • Salt spray test machineAutomatic timing device, the test laboratory to reach the predetermined temperature, the automatic spray, arrived at the timer setting time automatically stops.View more
  • Salt spray test machineTemperature range Room temperature ~ 50 (℃) Measuring range Corrosion testing of materials Measurement of metal, electroplating and other industries Studio size 600 * 450 * 400 (mm)View more
  • Salt spray test machineMaterial PVC Temperature range 35-50 (℃) The measuring range is as follows Surface treatment of the object to be measured Studio size 60 * 45 * 40 (mm)View more
  • Salt spray test machineMeasuring range of various materials surface treatment Test object Coating, electroplating, organic and inorganic coatings, anodized, anti-rust oil corrosion resistance after testing its corrosion resistance.View more