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EeFactory communicated with NMINS HyderabadTime: 2017-01-23 10:05:07     Source:

On January 19th, 2017, EeFactory communicated with NMIMS business school in Hyderabad, this meeting theme is manufacturing entrepreneurship of India.

As the India tax raising, the trade business has advantage any more. Indian manufacturing enterprises have to transform and achieve Self-production, and the government put forward "Make in India" and give many encouragement, it's challenges and opportunities. Many enterprises stars their own factory, but is not an easy.

EeFactory actively respond to the national strategy, with the Indian government strongly advocated "Make in India" good opportunity, strive for production line design & building, equipment & material, management & technology training ,etc. It can the assist India entrepreneurs with problem resolution.

Eefactory will hold a big seminar in India with FICC, TIE, China manufacturing association, India government.

Many manufacturing experts who come from well-know enterprise such as ZTE, SKYWORK, OPPO, they will share their experience and point in the seminar.