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Eefactory in India Mobile Diwali Exhibition Oct,25thTime: 2016-10-25 15:43:00     Source: Eefactory
On Oct,25th 2016, the first India Mobile Diwali exhibition was officially concluded for three days. Likun supply chain was the first time to represent the Shuangqiao Economic Development Zone in Chongqing, China, to participated in the large - scale and professional exposition held in India and achieved perfect gains.

During the three days, Likun communicated with many firms to found a lot of valuable information. Likun launched an cross-border B2B, one-stop service platform - Eefactory.

Through the Internet + technological model, innovative with logistics, business flow, information flow, capital flow, and technology flow become ‘’ five in one. The excess domestic production capacity, such as the mobile phone processing second-hand equipment, parts and  raw materials etc output to the Indian market through cross-border B2B one-stop service platforms, to create new value. This project can perfectly meet the strategic development of  “the Belt and Road” in China. Also, it help India's basic manufacturing development and upgrading, in additonal, greatly increased influence and reputation  of the Chongqing government in the Indian market.

Chongqing Likun own a professional supply chain operation team with strong business flow, logistic technology, capital flow, information flow to provide comprehensivesupply chain service for the successful cases, we gained the favour of many enterprises, and have reached cooperation intention in the field.