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Eefactory - Mobile (Shenzhen) Maintenance Tech Forum have a successful endingTime: 2016-11-16 14:10:00     Source: Eefactory

December 15th, 2016, the first ‘Mobile (Shenzhen) Maintenance Tech Forum’ was held in Shenzhen by Eefactory and Mobile Phone Service Chain.

Share, Communication, Change is the theme in the meeting. Nearly 800 mobile maintainers, equipment suppliers, technology researcher & trainer, association come from Shenzhen and other city, they went together to share their ideal, technology, tools etc.

The scene was very hot, no enough seats so that many people can only stand all the meeting time.

In the meeting, Technician and guess share many new info, such as 7th monitor touch circuit, ipad maintenance, iwatch maintenance, monitor surface, 6s figure print circuit, Samsung unlock technology. Also, many successful cases included.

Eefactory believe this is a good start. In the future, Eefactory would hold similar forum in India market.