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Eric Cheah (6 Sigma Master)Time: 2017-02-13 13:37:08     Source:

Job journey

Six sigma master with black belt in HK Dechang Dynamo Group

Senior R&D engineer in Seagate MINN

Senior Process Engineer in Seagate Malaysia

Quality Engineer in HP Malaysia

Quality Engineer in Hitachi Singapore

Management Consulting (Singapore) chief adviser

The six sigma management consulting (SBTI) Asia Pacific chief adviser, vice President of technology

Authorized Trainer by JMP

Authorized Trainer by Minitab

As a trainer of HKPC

Technology Trainer of HKMA

Trainer of Quality college, Johnson University

Six sigma trainer of China Quality Association


Six sigma training for 10 factories of Emerson APAC(HK, SHENZHEN, QINGDAO, SUZHOU ,etc.)

Six sigma training for NOKIA Japan & NOKIA Dongguan

Six sigma training for Honeywell

Six sigma training for Chaowei Semiconductor company

Six sigma training for Media & Haier Group

Six sigma training for Zhejiang Cigarettes Industrial Corporation & Chuanyu Cigarettes Industrial Corporation.

Six sigma training for Wyeth Pharmacy & Baite medical.

Six sigma training for battery BYD & car BYD.