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Mr Qi (Manage & Marketing Expert)Time: 2016-12-26 15:32:13     Source:

Key description

  • Graduate from U.S.A well-know college, with high-level english ability.
  • 11 years oversea marketing actual experience in marketing & sales management and development.
  • Very familar with North-American, Asia-Pacific,Sourth-Africa, Middle East.
  • Very familar with oversea online & offline marketing and sales about manufacturing and high-tech enterprise,have actual succeessful cases such as take 49 days to found Skyworth India without any base, found OTT distribute system and sales channel in North-American.
  • Always resident in India,very familar with India culture management essence, be good at India staff management and goverment & commerce relationship management.

Work Journey

  • 2016.3 – Now Letv holdings (Beijing) co., LTD  Subsidiary corporation India  (Vice President)

Lead team to access and develop India marketing successfully, and promote as the MD of Letv India.

  • 2010.3-2016.3   Skyworth Group

2015.6-2016.3   Shenzhen Skyworth digital technology co., LTD  Skyworth Sourth Afrian (MD)

Provice a good ideal about hardware production and content operation for the largest radio and television operators of Afrian.

2013.12–2015.6  Shenzhen Skyworth digital technology co., LTD (OTT & North-American General Manager)

Built a good corporation relationship with OTT distribute channel and Chinese sociaty of North-American.

2013.3 -2013.12 Skyworth Color-TV SiChuan (Vice President)

Removed management barrier of oversea marketing and China marketing

2011.3-2013.3  Skyworth India Electronics Pvt., Ltd(Founder & MD)

Took 49 days to founded Skyworth India without any base, it operate vey well until now, this is the best case of China invest India in China.

2010.3 -2011.3  Skyworth Color-TV Oversea Department (GM)

Independent founded and management subsidiary in oversea, oversea brand building and promotion.

  • 2008.6-2009.10  Chengdu MPE communication Co.,LTD     India representative
  • 2005.7-2008.5  TCL Group India  Sales Director