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David Liu(Senior Investment Expert)Time: 2016-12-21 16:44:34     Source: Eefactory

  • Graduated from Nanchang University (211 Project) in 1997.
  • With the rich electronics industry background, project management and investment management experience.
  • Has 16 years work experience as a senior project manager and investment manager of strategic development center in state-owned listed companies. During this period, Mr Liu participated in investment & financing and financial consultant work for many enterprises.
  • Other:

Investment counselor in IMakerbase Fund.

Senior Investment in Hezhicapital Group.

The founder of Nanchang University (Guangdong) investment club.

Some successful case:

1. 2009 - Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co. Ltd (LED encapsulation, stock code: 30024)

2. 2014 - Qingsong Fund The early Well-known internet fund

3. 2014 - Shenzhen Micno Electric Co., Ltd. (Industry 4.0)

4. 2015 - Nanjing Nibiru (Mobile VR technology and operation service provider)

5. Beijing QG PIC (Copyright platform + IP marketing + The film and television production)

6. 2015 - Beijing Saiko (Internet quadratic element community) Angel Investment

7. 2015- Guangzhou Meidi (Micro Projector + Smarty AD operation platform

8. 2016 - Guangzhou ALDIA (3D printing materials and purification system)

9. 2016 - ETORON of North Amercian (Big data analysis of new media) A Investment.