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Benny Zhao (Master)Time: 2016-12-01 15:58:00     Source: Eefactory

Benny Zhao

Master, graduate from NUS (National University of Singapore) business school.

  • 2004 - Founded the first factory in his life.
  • 2006 - Founded SHINE TECH company that the technology is toprank in the world, annual sales more than 200 million USD,including mobile phone,computer,car, motion recognition, security, medical
  • products. In addition, SHINE TECH provice package test of the camera module products for OPPO, Micro, Amazon and other well-know companies.
  • 2010 - Into the sport&health field, its more than 40 training base of sports's top of this industry in China at present.
  • 2014 - Founded Likun Supply Chain Management company, provice the service of capital flow,logistic technology, information flow for manufacture industry, annual sales up to 300 million USD.
  • 2015 - Founded Zhiai Robot AI company, focus on the robot service for elder. It's the first brand of the elder robot in China.