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Sunny Xue (SMT Expert)Time: 2016-11-18 09:54:24     Source:
  • 18 years actual combat experience of PCBA
  • FoxconnTechnology Group China Headquarters
  • Global SMT technology center Manager 14 years
  • Technology Consultant in ACT International (HongKong)
  • Chief Technology Consultant in 《SMT China》Magazine
  • Technology Consultant in multiple Military Aerospace & Naval Academies
  • Technology Consultant in SMT Business Unit of Guangzhou Fastprint
  • Chief Technology Consultant in Beijing ShuoboConsulting
  • Technology Consultant in Shenzhen ChaosiweiNew Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Technology Consultant in China Welding Technology Associationin
  • Technology Consultant in Hubei Province SMT Association
  • Technology Consultant in Anhui Province SMT Association
  • Manager in SMT Technology Committee of FoxconnTechnology GroupThink Tantin NepconExpert in Military Aerospace Welding Materials TechnologyTechnology Consultant in Shenzhen IP Trading CenterTechnology Consultant in Huizhou DesaySV Automotive Co., Ltd.
  • Technology Consultant in multiple PCBA Equipment ManufacturersTechnology Consultant in New Energy Products and Solution

Create 31 kinds of Books for PCBA technical.
Publish 23 articles of PCBA Process and failure.
Hold training course in many city and company: