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  • Benny Zhao (Master) Master, graduate from NUS (National University of Singapore) business sc... View more
  • David Liu(Senior Investment Expert) Has 16 years work experience as a senior project manager and investment man... View more
  • Sunny Xue (SMT Expert) 18 years actual combat experience of PCBA FoxconnTechnology Group Chin... View more
  • Mr Qi (Manage & Marketing Expert) Graduate from U.S.A well-know colloge, with high-level english ability. ... View more
  • Mr Zou (Supply Chain Expert) With a very profound & professional background in supply chain file, more tha... View more
  • A.Gopal Krishna(Professor & Marketing Epert) MBA (Marketing –Andhra University) with around 33 years of professional ... View more
  • MR Yue (Manufacturing Expert) More than 15 years SMT management experience in device and technology proc... View more
  • Spring Han (Senior Quality Expert) With 20 years work experience about quality and six sigma, has rich knowledg... View more