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Dong Mingzhu: Miss or AuntTime: 2016-10-16 16:28:11     Source:

Gree has always been a low-key, pragmatic, professional image show people, won the respect of the world. Mysterious life experience, no significant mountain dew, a firm conduct, a decade of the spirit of the sword, the heart without Benedict, dedicated to do a good job in this matter. Today, the Internet + new business model has arrived, a large number of entrepreneurs after the emergence of 90, and she dared to establish a new concept and marketing model for the same powerful self-90 later, they will still focus on her state of Miss Dong Dong aunt?

Capital under the lever, the manufacturing industry and the Internet hot and cold uneven. Color TV ring has been stirred up as the music may not be peace, the air conditioning industry will appear such subversive opponents.

The Internet is changing the manufacturing chain every link, Dong Mingzhu, although the Internet tool, but not indifferent to change. Mobile APP, remote collection of consumer data Gree are also doing, but Dong Mingzhu have their own understanding of intelligent: "Take the phone remote control air conditioning is smart? Gree first thing to do is to let consumers do not have trouble after-sales service , Now I can remote monitoring in Zhuhai to the use of all Gree air condition, I think this is an intelligent change.

In Gree, the so-called "Internet thinking" reflects the most obvious place or marketing. In 2014 Dong Mingzhu did not continue with the past two years of spokesperson Jackie Chan renewal, but personally photographed advertising, but also to the Wang Jianlin site. In addition to Gree air conditioning, Dong Mingzhu also crystal endorsements for the refrigerator. Her first appearance in order to save costs, but "for their own endorsement" itself is the best signs of the Internet age. Many start-up companies after 90 will use "I am the brand" free advertising strategy.

For some outsiders difficult to understand the feelings, Dong Mingzhu to Gree, the sale of air conditioning as a career of his life. In the 2013 Gree New Year after the meeting, Dong Mingzhu and a table of male executives to eat supper, said the topic of a century old, Dong Mingzhu said: "At that time we are not in the" atmosphere suddenly low , But she quickly raised the voice, "It does not matter, we have to continue to sell air in the sky, you all remember ah!" A table of people actually a lot of people nodded.

This is, after all, a joke, Dong Mingzhu also know that a generation to a generation to go. Miss Tung 60 years old, she may be able to personally bring Gree 200 billion throne, but also will eventually give the future to the next generation. What kind of person can take the disc, "must be a challenge to self - thinking people, of course, not everyone is willing to challenge themselves.

The answer is ambiguous. Dong Mingzhu by strong self-driven and strict management style will be brought to today's position of Gree, but full of personality after 90 can inherit it all?

Now, every year new to join the new Gree employees have the opportunity to contact with her zero distance. Last year, Gree recruited 1,200 new employees, the company divided them into groups, each group of 200 people, one by one with Dong Mingzhu engage in discussion. This is for the busy Dong Mingzhu, is not easy.

She insisted on doing so: "When I was just when the general manager of the time, I will go every year when the admissions, and later because it is too busy to work, but I was a chairman of the board found that young college students from the school out , Including the social environment they have been exposed to during their schooling (after entering GREE), and to be honest with them, let them know what we are thinking of at the company. She felt it was important. "So why is our innovation system, engineering system as the popularity of Gree is not a single technological innovation, it is a full cultural system.To make everyone feel the sense of innovation, service awareness with him."

She particularly stressed that their communication with the 90 without any problems. "Young people are very cute, a lot of people are very positive, because after this society, there is no such a guide, he will slowly lose direction, will be confused, will follow the crowd, you should lead them to a state of self-challenge I always tell them, in fact, the greatest happiness is that you have challenged themselves, people 's greatest happiness is because you changed the others.

At any time, Dong Mingzhu will not talk about her frustration and loneliness. In this male-dominated arena fighting for 25 years, her body a lot of things have been worn away, which also her character in the strong side of a complete excitation. But for the same self-powerful 90 later said that they will still focus on the state of Miss Dong, she regarded as Dong aunt?

Not long ago a television program, Dong Mingzhu as a young mentor, was arranged with seven young entrepreneurs dialogue, one of which is selling rice flour well-known entrepreneur after 90 days. When Dong Mingzhu learned that Zhang Tianyi is a master's degree in law, he sold rice noodles move greatly regretted, hard to persuade Zhang Tianyi should do more valuable work, and even to Gree. Her sincerity is palpable, because her own son is a master of law, and Zhang Tianyi be regarded as professional peers.

Zhang Tianyi calmly looked at Dong Mingzhu, said: "You let me think of my mother." Familiar with Zhang Tianyi people know that he sold rice noodles have also been a strong mother's opposition. Dong Mingzhu retorted: "I am different from your mother, I hope you do more for the community to contribute." But it can not pull back the hearts of Zhang Tianyi, scoring, he gave Dong Mingzhu called 2 points out of 10 points.

This is the real 90, independent of the Gree outside the Kingdom of 90, Dong Mingzhu can not change.

She also admitted that the current wave of entrepreneurial impact on young people far: "Now we are talking about Internet thinking is a night of red burst, are pigs in the air can fly on the sky, this trend misled 90 want to own pigs.

But she said: "I think to a business to work is also entrepreneurs, Gree in the 90 after they can accept."

Dong Mingzhu said: women work hard in the workplace, the first is to be a man, what is human? I want to be due diligence, in their own positions to do the best, this is the goal. Many people will say that after the general manager, it is not called the goal, but a private purpose, not the target. I want to do better than others in the post, this is the goal. Each of you has done better than others, respected by others, due to respect, your position will change. Not for professional purposes to achieve the value of life, the only way to succeed.