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Jia Yue Ting: crazy bragging fighterTime: 2016-10-16 15:25:50     Source:

June 28, 2015, music as its subsidiary to 21.8 billion yuan of investment Cool, accounting for 18% shares. In June 2016, the music of its subsidiaries from the cool chairman Guo Deying hands, the acquisition of 1 billion Hong Kong dollars Cool stock. At this point, the transaction is completed, the music as the stake will increase from 17.9% to 28.9%, becoming the coolest single largest shareholder of the Group. Guo Deying retired the second largest shareholder.

I am afraid music as the boss Jia Yue Ting in the first injection of cool when there is intention. Released in June this year, cool announcement at the same time, far in Russia, Jia Yuting also made a speech. Jia Yue Ting said, as last year's investment Cool Cool to become the second largest shareholder, the two sides collaborative anti-cooperation is close, the industry known as the perfect match. The single largest shareholder of Cool this means that music + cool smartphone sales in 2016 exceeded 50 million units, super-phone with a year and a half to enter the domestic smart phone industry, the top four, will once again create an industry had not had Of the myth.

According to the music as the plan, the future of the two sides in the strategic, capital and business a high degree of integration, Cool content, services, ecology, and the user's influence and brand behind the support strength, the formation of "hardware + software + Internet ecological model" New operating mode, comply with the "Internet +" era of development needs, access to greater space for development.

In the patents, channels, research and development, the cool music to provide the use of resources to provide more: Cool R & D team more than 3,000 people, has accumulated more than 7,000 patents held in the world already has seven R & D center. Channels, cool and deep cooperation between the three operators, since more than 500 outlets under the direct sales. These are conducive to music as super-phone to accelerate the nationalization and deeper into the domestic three-line following urban channels.

Music as a simple hardware from the perspective of mobile phones is not losing money, because the music as mobile phone pricing is based on market competition situation to be. From this point of view, music as mobile phones may have been out of the hardware free mode, after the release of the music 1Pro, Jia Yue Ting said that the phone is the production of BOM after the cost of production, mobile production cost of 2530 yuan, while The price is only 2499 yuan.

Music as the current mobile phone has four revenue models, in addition to mobile phone hardware, there are members, commercial advertising and application services. "Our application services revenue every day, and has been improving." Feng said, but in the final analysis, music as the principle is not expected to rely on mobile phone hardware to make money, hoping the other three income ratio is getting higher and higher.

In theory, not ready to make money on the phone, but rely on content and services to feed back profits to music as the current mobile phone with low-cost features may have some temptation to the user. But users will not pay, whether the whole ecological up and running, the key lies in the content and services can be user acceptance and acceptance.

Music as expected, music + cool in 2016, the total sales of smart phones in the 50 million -6000 million in 2017 sales is expected to exceed 100 million. Even the media said, Huawei, music as, OPPO, millet composed of "Chinese music Omega" pattern is taking shape.