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The company does not have an irresistible special treatment. Salaries are not attractive in its class, but there is a unique work ethic: everyone under the most torturous pressure will outdo any career Time to work harder and longer. Those who have joined or want to join the hammer believe that the work in the hammer, should have a greater significance.

Their employees look at their company like this: "The whole company is driven by values, and hammer values are in a relatively harsh environment, uphold integrity and honesty." "We want a decent, will not take the Friends Business selling the usual practice of selling, colleagues may feel we are silly it. "" Are selling things, or thinking of the perfect number, some moral, eat some good to see. "" Here is the starting point for doing things Niubi It's not a cross. "

"Can not accept the ugly and degenerate." Zhu Xiaomu said, iPhone6 raised the camera is difficult to see, and Apple's official website, there is a display iPhone6 side of the photo, the original camera in the photo was smooth. "First of all ugly, and secondly he wants to cover up the ugly." Zhu Xiaomu keep the fashionable mustache, join the hammer, he studied architecture in San Francisco.

Science Guan Jian, said he wanted the company more quarrel, because the appropriate corporate struggle is good. But everyone is bouncing awkward, "we all love face it, in case of noisy do not win it?"

For some pragmatists, this work is really terrible, most of them do until the last frustration. "Old Luo like those talented, top-notch people who sometimes will work as a creation, which in large companies is not feasible." One from an Internet giant to leave the hammer and leave the hammer and leave the job told reporters, Old Luo hate management company, but also hate to use the process to manage the company.

"That's how the company is maintained?" "Miracle ah."

"Because everyone is the same goal, the same concept, it will understand each other, and will not set obstacles to each other." A hammer staff said that even if the old Luo poor management, the company also as usual.

"Work here, you will get a first hit, after the boast of pleasure, very cool." Zhu Xiaomu said. "There are a few words we are very afraid, such as the old Luo will say this thing 'where are wrong." Even more frightening sentence is,' You do this like a bad.

One day, Zhu Xiaomu came to the office, he received the old Luo a rare and generous praise - "You are the best product manager in the Eastern Hemisphere!" And just a few days ago, the old Luo said to him, "You This thing is garbage. "

"This is my character weaknesses, I know I should curse the enthusiasm to boast people, but I did not. This gives employees an illusion that the old Luo is always not satisfied with us, but in fact not the case. , And even some employees resign when he knew the other reason to resign because he is not satisfied with their long-term.

There is a magical power in the old Luo, he can accurately capture the emotions of others, unless he deliberately choose to ignore, and he knows how to make you feel very small.

But most of the time he showed no interpersonal skills, and sometimes he will be very rude, not to other people's emotions as one thing, because he did not have time to focus on other people's true feelings, which would distract him. Only for those who will ignore the details, he will feel particularly sensitive and manic, because in the eyes of these people, these details mean the difference between success and failure.

Experienced the lessons of T1, the old Luo has summed up the company faces three major crises - production crisis, public relations crisis, sales crisis. "At first I do not care." Old Luo told the "Financial" reporter, until he knows one thing:

T1 release, many hammer staff friends want to buy mobile phones, so the company gives employees a number of priority purchase code, they can give a friend. Later, production problems, shipping delays of three or four months, until you can buy, these people get the purchase code are said not to, and their reason is - the three or four months to see the negative news every day to see fear .

"This feedback to me after I panic, because I think I was involved in the enterprise." Old Luo said he never made a complete company, it is difficult, but also came. But when he realized that he is the biggest obstacle to the success of the company, he could not get past.

T1 total sales volume is more than 250,000 units, with 2014 China's 4.207 billion smart phone shipments compared to negligible, do not say shipped 60 million units of millet, even with the 5 million units shipped compared to Meizu, Is not an order of magnitude.

In October 2014, in an article entitled "Luo Yonghao self-inflicted fruit," the article mentioned: In addition to those loyal to Yong-Hao Luo and loyal to the hammer technology irons users, Luo Yonghao and his company really "never" "Good" this label. The first reaction to the hammer was probably the founder of the fiery and sour controversy, sitting on a powder keg - to the extent that the old impression of Laro was brought to the company and its Of the phone body.

Some people want the success of the old Luo, with non-secular business methodology to succeed, they like the kind of old Luo effort: you need to be careful to live, need to deliberately succeed, I do not need. People are eager to see him fail, they think a loser will always be loser, even if he will do a mobile phone is a comic actor.

"I and a few little brothers to open the company, if the yellow, and give everyone a little compensation, say a nice words - I try, and you try, scattered it.When you have 600 people, you panic Old Luo said, last weekend late last night, he saw some staff members of the company and other husband get off work, suddenly realized that he was not carrying 600 bachelor hopes, but 600 families.

He began to apologize to his staff, apologize to his fans, and even apologize to his friends - Huang Zhang Jin said that for a while party, in order not to let his friends say him, the old Luo one up on their own wrong, Blame me, that did not control more good.

The old Luo with two years to make the first generation of hammer. But the reality is that he has talent, vision, values, a good aesthetic, a team, he worked day and night and thinking, but still did not get the success he wanted. The first two years, he was for a mission, a state of mind, and even a mood at work, and from the late last weekend that night, he began to sense of responsibility for the team, as supporters, and even promise working.