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Luo Yonghao: be appreciated but not be supportedTime: 2016-10-16 14:51:23     Source:

Early in the summer of 2015, a street, street CEO Tang Yan Chi Juzi purchased a group of orange sound out of the situation, he called Luo Yonghao friend for help, the results of the other directly went to his house. Old Luo lying on the ground, Hangchihangchi get half an hour, sweating, get. Later, Tang Yan and the old Luo, plus Huang Zhang Jin, three people sitting downstairs lobby chat to talk to the three or four in the morning, their topic sounds a little boring - we can live to the eternal life of mankind that day.
These three people are on the future, the ideal is very serious people. Huang Zhang Jin said Tang Yan is a carnivore, and the old Luo is fragile nerves, habitual hold big move. But the advantage of the old Luo is that usually a person up the state is not sustainable, and the old Luo can continue to self-building, to keep up the state.

Luo Yonghao was born in Yanji City, 10 km from the border between China and North Korea, only received high school education, his life would like to challenge the power group, and hate the power of the people of the group to find the interface to vent.
"Like Lo, they see the experience as a fragment of grand narratives, not for the secular sense of success, happiness, but for the world as a movie, only when they represent certain ideals and participate To the drama of the struggle, just feel satisfied. "A Luo old friend of his evaluation.

Zi-hui venture partner Zheng Gang said the old Luo to his belief that the hammer can break some of the vulgar and rules to produce a mobile phone with vitality, while Apple has some characteristics. Purple Hui for the hammer to provide the angel investment, and in the follow-up two rounds of follow-up, a total investment of 200000000 yuan, Zheng Gang is a preference for investment can challenge people values venture capitalists, another investment project Street technology.

Huang Zhang Jin said, a very long period of time, the old Luo believe that he is Steve Jobs possessed. "Finance" reporter got a January 2014 hammer financing plan, then hammer has released the Smartisan OS, and the first phone has not yet released. "The hammer's breakthrough lies in the design, making Apple's dream in China." "We can do a break even if we sell 350,000 handsets, and we feel very much optimism."

In the Smartisan OS release, the hammer already has a very luxurious hardware and software team - Qian Chen, vice president of hardware research and development, has been praised as Motorola's most outstanding hardware development director, he had the opportunity to join the millet, but the end and Lei Jun broke up. He evaluates himself as a direct and sensible person. "In my millet and the whole process of communication, do not feel any pleasure, they do not have their own stick to things." He said.

In addition to: Cai Huiyao, vice president of software development, has worked in the United States Motorola, Arima Communications, Compal Technology, a senior design manager; Li Jian Ye, vice president of industrial design, Philips was Hong Kong's youngest Chinese product design consultant Zeng Wei, senior director of software development, is the first Android developer in China. Zeng has been involved in the development of Motorola A760, Ming and other series of smart phones; Zou Wei, senior director of software development, is the first Android developer.

Qian Chen said that most people think that the old Luo arrogant and arrogant, do not accept the rules of reality, which is obviously a misunderstanding. He is not in any place to play a leading role in the company, the old Luo in the product and design is very arbitrary, but in the supply chain, technology and some other areas he did not understand, he will not intervene.
Founder of the hammer in the three and a half years, the old Luo almost an inch to leave the office, sleep only five or six hours per night or less. Hammer UX product director Zhu Xiaomu said that their work flow is five days a week, you can go to experiment a lot of things they want to do, Saturday from the beginning to the end of the old Luo once again, open a dozen hours of the meeting, from noon until early morning . "Every one to see each, and then closed, good or bad, where bad, how to improve, we are very service."
Hammer has always been a reflection of the old Luo personality, which can reflect his eccentric and passion. He does show some talent in some ways. Hammer design director Xiao Peng, for example, the designer made only ten nuances, different versions of the unlocking effect to let the old Luo to choose, he read it again can select the best, if the ten version of the disruption of the words , He can immediately find out the initial selection of that.
The beginning, the old Luo that the phone must be a zero in the aesthetic compromise of the product, "all things should be in the right position." He asked the phone if the shape of the perfect rectangular, both solemn and the feeling of toys, its various angles if the rounded and seamless.
"He has a product appearance of the metamorphosis of the standard motor industry, there are Apple standards, they have a lot of color requirements on the phone, but each side can have several color points, while the old Luo, what Color points can not have, what small scratches can not have. "Vice President of key supply chain hammer said.
When the hammer design team to make a simple button, they will first use the proportion of gold to fix its aspect ratio, with the helix of the golden spiral line to do it to determine the auxiliary line size and size of the relationship between the button, To make sure it's "right". They redraw more than 1,000 APP icon, and add the subtle texture and shadow on the icon, it is full of "texture." They can not even tolerate the shadow of an APP too thick or too small.

Old Luo also spent several weeks, pondering the box on the corner, he believes that the process is full of passion to ensure that even if the hidden part must be done beautifully. T1, the old Luo on the box with a knife cut out of the gap that can not be accepted. Finally, they changed the program to a more costly laser cut to ensure that the incision was thin and smooth.

Old Luo talented, serious, so when he entered a new field, he can make things out. But his business desires are too light, too much care about the self and values, so before he did all the things, are not enough success.

SmartisanT1 produces both white and black versions. "I knew early on that the white version was suicidal, the T1 design was a sandwich, the white fuselage means - the front bezel, the front bezel, the five glasses, the white, the white, the white, the white, the white, "It 's one of my wishes, and I like white," said Luo.

"Jeff (Qian Chen) said, how do you do business to meet the aspirations you have to meet the operational needs of the business ah, he told a variety of risks, after listening to me, or want to do." Finally, the old Luo and he Of the team spent a lot of effort to improve the white and white color micro-and gap control problems. White T1 final yield is not up to 50%, black sell a profit of 100 yuan, while the white one to sell a loss.

Zheng Gang said that each round of financing hammer can not be said to be smooth, and the financing pace is relatively slow. In May 2012 when the hammer angel valuation 50 million yuan, A round of the end of 470 million yuan, to start the 2014 round of B, valued at 10 billion yuan, the end of 2014 C-wheel valuation of 2.6 billion at the start RMB, but this financing from the end of last year until the end of this year, the valuation has been maintained at 2.6 billion yuan from top to bottom, the final financial 500 million yuan.

Turning to the old Luo, a well-known venture capital fund said, "I very much appreciate the old Luo." But turned around, he told his colleagues, "We are not a penny will give him." Zheng Gang said , An organization has committed to invest tens of millions of yuan, but the last moment go back.