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Luo Yonghao: entering the arenaTime: 2016-10-16 14:38:10     Source:

We love our unfortunate work, love this riddled world

Founded the first year of hammer technology, Luo Yonghao is the management company. At a regular Saturday product meeting, Laureau and his product managers were discussing one issue from another, but none were able to reach an agreement. "Who's the flesh in the fridge?" Luo Yonghao suddenly said. All stunned. "I saw a piece of raw meat in the fridge, the company's refrigerator should not have raw meat." He spoke faster. The scene suddenly embarrassed. Finally, the old Luo point of a colleague's name, so he went to find out the source of meat, and told the whole company - the refrigerator is not a place to put meat.

"If we establish a product to have feelings, have the spirit of the spirit of artisans, that the value of the company itself than the commercial value of the company's success or failure of this value are left to the community."

Old Luo, Liu fluffy, look serious, most of the time you are difficult to see his smile in the company. He always wore a black mid-sleeved shirt. Someone once asked him why he wore the same clothes every day. He replied, "There are too many things in my life that need to be decided.

Early years, he was enemies, business twice, once shut down, a take the initiative to give up. In May 2012 he set up Hammer Technology Co., Ltd., entered the highly competitive smartphone market. He was now sitting in the big conference room with his gray wallcover, and he was picky about some of the details and harsh to some unbearable degree.

There is a return to the old Luo found a software development process than expected for three days, he was furious, got the software engineer asked, the software engineer explained that because the prototype came late. The old Luo also called to the person responsible for the prototype, he angrily asked, the other defense, is the LCD delay caused the prototype to late. Old Luo did not give up, he also recruited the person responsible for the LCD, the other said, this is not his fault, all blame the delay of the LCD factory.

He could not find the answer, everyone said that the mistake of others, he is getting angry. "Finally exhausted, Aoao called a pass, go." His partner, hammer CTO Qian Chen said.

The beginning, the old Luo in many ways behave like a layman. "One-way output in full flight, but when you want to confirm a thing with him, he does not give you the opportunity to cut in. You want to give your topic to him, he did not hear.In fact, enterprises pay attention to interactive "Qian Chen said that in the early days of the old Luo see a tension on the line to trouser legs. Later, this action has also been written into the script Luo, on the microblogging.

The vast majority of people do not know how to learn to become a CEO of the old Luo. In the Bulls network period, his partners that he is a dictator and self-willed managers, and eventually broke up with him. In an interview with reporters, the old Luo talk about the fact he studied industrial design for seven or eight years, he also read a lot about Steve Jobs's article, and some details of the familiar, he will read some management books.

"I put the past mistakes are sorted out, regular meetings review and review, I will solve these errors in stages, but to the next step, maybe solve the end of those problems, you come out.Maybe there are A few you do not see the problem, then this is life. "

"If the old Luo can quietly do a comedian, we will give him to join in, may play reward, but he also wants to enter the field of high-threshold mobile phone, he was doomed to nothing." An investment in this industry People say. An entrepreneur can not help but add, "a person can play with the values of artistic success, no one would say anything, but if this man in the commercial Dacheng, then the world must be a problem.

Millet partner Liu De in an interview with reporters, if the hammer is a millet supply chain under a team, "I guarantee he can be successful." Friends of the old Luo, Elephant Society founder Huang Zhang Jin said, the entire technology circle is full of frivolous intelligence discrimination.

For some people, the world is full of the threshold, the threshold of the industry, professional threshold, the threshold background background, and even accent threshold. They do not want to see a man rushing in with an indomitable goal, trampling the threshold. In particular, when this person is not good temper, character is not so happy when. Who thought, not only broke into the old Luo, still inside the body turned.