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Commercial Cooperation
1: Supplier cooperation
   At present, we are opening the mobile phone industry chain supplier, we are one-stop second-hand mobile phone equipment service platform, the main users are Indian merchants, we are currently the largest platform for second-hand equipment, welcome mobile phone equipment manufacturers to cooperate with us! Cooperation need to provide the following information!

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2: business school curriculum cooperation

   If you have many years of working experience in mobile phone equipment, including equipment R & D, production, quality testing, technology, supply chain, marketing, market knowledge, you can work with us to serve our customers! Cooperation requires you to provide the following contact information!

   Work Experience (Focus)

3: Success story reports
   If you have in this industry has been successful, with years of experience in mobile phone equipment business, you can seek coverage in our platform, our platform is a high-quality service platform, through reports can make you or a lot of orders! Need to provide you with relevant information!

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