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1: device search: from the equipment category to find the required equipment information! Or through the search and search conditions to find the relevant equipment information. If you do not search for the device you want, you can contact us via email and skype!

2: Demand Release: If you have equipment needs, you can release the demand in the lobby, other users see your needs can contact you in a timely manner, please fill out your contact information!

3: Community Q & A: The Q & A module in the community with the relevant professionals to communicate, you can publish your question, you can also see other people's problems, and related professionals will answer!

4: Financial Services: We are a one-stop service platform. Financial services is a high-quality financial service company we select. Our services include tax refund, foreign currency, customs clearance, supply chain financial services and supply chain logistics services.

5: Business School Course: Business school courses specifically for the method of opening factories and factories required knowledge and skills, you can also comment on the relevant courses!

6: Success Stories: success stories generated in the platform, the success story of the factory reported!

7: Registration: The company registered members of the method used to register through the mailbox, without authentication, please use their own mailbox to register, or later forgotten password through the mailbox to deal with, resulting in the loss is not responsible for!

8: customer service contact and mail contact, need to contact the platform, you can contact through the mailbox and customer service system, we use skype to communicate!