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Outer-chain Specialist

Job responsibilities
1, college degree or above, English level 4 or above, more than one year English B2C/B2B website promotion experience outside the chain
2, familiar with Google, yahoo, bing and other search engine algorithm, keyword optimization related products;
3, familiar with working outside the chain, is responsible for the site of external links exchange and expand;  
4, participate in SEO analysis and optimization of the construction of the chain, is responsible for the outer chain of the construction and maintenance.Finish the work at their own resources, quantitative regularly, reasonable distribution website external links;
5, responsible for the English site outside the chain of construction and maintenance;
6, with team spirit, corporate culture, strong learning ability and data analysis ability, thinking ability.

Copy Specialist

Job responsibilities

1, responsible for the company's marketing soft article number, web sites, public content planning editing; 
2, responsible for the company's publicity and copy writing (WeChat soft article, product draft, etc.) and update your company information;
3, be responsible for the platform document editing, mining product highlights and selling point, the network platform for intuitive, perceptual, attractive description; 
4, according to the requirements of the brand, combined with site/brochures/WeChat public, such as promotion and other paperwork;